Planet Masters


36 - Marta Kobzevaitė, MD

Marta Kobzevaitè, MD

Founder and CEO of, a longevity focused consultancy company.

JSC Ellongevity

Founder and CEO of, a longevity focused consultancy company, providing due diligence, capital introduction and health optimisation services. Working with private capital (single and multiple family offices).

JSC Kantaleja

Business Development Manager. Working on business optimisation on a consultancy basis. Sourcing new clients. Clients include private clinics and national hospitals. Formulating a growth-strategy

Aging Analytics Agency

Deep Knowledge Ventures Director of Biotechnology Analytics. Lead research role at the world’s leading longevity-focused strategic consultancy firm. Performing medical due diligence. Managing a team of 20 employees. Team structure development. Responsible for publishing and promoting reports. Team comprises medical doctors, scientists and investment professionals.

Vilnius University Hospital

Santaros Clinics General Practitioner

Chief Specialist – HTA Expert (Health Technology Assesment)

State Drug Control Office of Lithuania. Managed a team of 8 people working on systemising national drug evaluation for pharmaceutical companies and structuring protocols based on biomedical research. Created a drug assesment strategy collaborating with Scottish Medical Agency.

Vilnius Central Clinic

Physician. Biggest outpatient clinic in Lithuania. Was seeing 20-25 patients per day.


Clinical Trial Assistant. Worked together with Clinical Researh Associate, managed the documentation and communication with physicians. Clinical trials were focused on insulin for the largest insulin production company globally.

Ventures Founded

The Baltic Longevity Association (in process)

Founder A venture focusing on bridging the gap between investment and geroscience; it attempts to identify emerging talent in the field of ageing and develop viable funding strategies.

Lithuania Biohacking Monthly Meetup Group

Founder A monthly meetups focusing on biohacking hosted in Vilnius. Meetups attended by 60-90 group members.

Students’ Scientific Society Founder & Head of Pharmacology Department Breathcount

A start-up focusing on the development and application of an asthma monitoring medical device.