Planet Masters

Speakers – Global Gathering

Nigel Cameron is president Emeritus, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies.

Russian neurobiologist and the founder of Cyber Myonics LLC.

Founder, Owner and Executive Director of Impli Limited.

Seasoned digital strategist and experienced political aide with expertise in communications.

Founder and CEO of, a longevity focused consultancy company.

Founder and CEO of EDL

Director of Bioinformatics at CREA and serves on it’s Advisory Board.

Physicist and optical engineer.

Chairman and chief executive officer of livingston securities, llc.

Polymath, researcher, entrepreneur, and a healthy life extension advocate.

Professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Academic at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Catholic University of Chile.

Designer, Creative Consultant and the founder of {A Conscious Space}.

Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.