Planet Masters


Founder & CEO, Eatable Adventures.

Founder and CEO of Vertical Future with over 15 years of experience and educated to PhD level.

Former diplomat and lawyer now cleaning up the oceans from plastic pollution.

Founder & CEO at Tunefork.

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of AgelessRx.

Head of the Receptor Biology Lab at the University of Antwerp.

Founder and CEO of Neuro Device Group S.A. 

Behavioral scientist, and an innovation psychologist, specializing in the design

Division Director, Biological Systems and Engineering at Berkeley Lab.

Designer, Creative Consultant and the founder of {A Conscious Space}.

COO of 7-digits valued London-based Marketing, Design, and Web Development agency “LKI Consulting.

Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Nigel Cameron is president Emeritus, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies.

Russian neurobiologist and the founder of Cyber Myonics LLC.

Founder, Owner and Executive Director of Impli Limited.

Age Reversal Expert, Longevity & Lifestyle Boutique Medicine, CEO blissDesigned™, Medical Director Stemaid™ Institute.

CEO and founder of Legendary Pharmaceuticals.

Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber.

Chief science officer of sens research foundation.

CEO, Summit Bridge Group Inc.


Physicist and optical engineer.

Polymath, researcher, entrepreneur, and a healthy life extension advocate.

Director of Bioinformatics at CREA and serves on it’s Advisory Board.

Founder and CEO of EDL

Architect, researcher and university professor.

 CEO and founder of Eunoe.

BNNano, Inc. Co-Founder & CEO.

Founder and CEO of, a longevity focused consultancy company.

CEO of London based, Marketing, Design and Web Development agency “LKI Consulting”.

Co-Founder & CEO – Endiatx.

Engineer, technopreneur, economist, academic, and futurist.

Seasoned digital strategist and experienced political aide with expertise in communications.

Chairman and chief executive officer of livingston securities, llc.

Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, School of Law, Belo Horizonte-MG, Brazil.

CEO of Center for Psychological Services in Pennsylvania.

CEO at neurobotx LTD.

Co-Founder Life Extension Buyers Club, Inc. and Society for Rescue of Our Elders (

CEO of Mediterranean Towers Ventures.

International Best Selling Author | Book Strategist & Writing Coach | Founder & CEO, LA Writing Coach & Brands Through Books.

Professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Academic at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the Catholic University of Chile.

Lincoln Cannon is a technologist and philosopher, and leading advocate of Mormon Transhumanism.


Mindset Expert and creator of “The Dream Sprint”.

World renowned expert on Cryobiology Research.

Senior Research Scientist at Duke University Medical Center and Scientific Head.